Wednesday, January 4, 2017

White Space.............

I'm sure you saw it.  A saying on pinterest which read It's in the white space the magic happens.  I know what that means, it's a beautiful thought and one to inspire.  

However it also made me think of the conditions here.  White.  Cold.  Stay inside.  This is a picture after our next to last snowstorm.  White.  

Staying inside takes a few days of reading and doing things on the computer and then I began to get a little bored of that.  Then the magic happens.  I go to my back studio, the sewing machine awaits with some unfinished projects.  No, not mending, ideas that I started, gifts, some wild pillowcases.  In my art nook it looks like a "cyclone struck" as my grandma used to say.  Ideas, more half finished projects, things to try out, things that are waiting for a certain piece that I don't have.  

A then I sit down and finish one or two.  And that's where my magic happens.          

Have a beautiful day.                          Diane

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas...........

Hoping that you have a very Merry Christmas filled with peace and comfort and joy.

                                                       Blessings,    Diane

Sunday, December 18, 2016


And cold bound.  Christmas will soon be here and we have a wind chill factor of -37 degrees.  I'm sure it will be warming up so I can finish the things I want to do.  They are suggesting that we stay off the highways and even the streets and you know that everyone who is out there serving us is facing this bitter cold, too.  Knowing that this was coming I stocked up but wouldn't you know, I decide I need the darndest powdered sugar.   It's different being stuck inside and friends are wonderful.

Last weekend my family from Billings were down for an early Christmas.  It was great having them here but they traveled here and back on icy roads.  This is proving to be an exceptional winter here in Wyoming and a lot of the country.

It was fun having them here.  Although Rascal loves the kids whenever there was a lot of noise he would howl.  This is my son-in-law Perry and Emerson.  Lots of fun.

Everytime I read a new post from you it's a gift to me and my life.  I wish you the Merriest Christmas  and may it be a beautiful one for you and your family.         Blessings,       Diane

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Odds and Ends.........

This is a picture of my brother, Mike, and his little grandson ice fishing.  Sometimes I forget he's a grandfather because he will always be my little brother.  His birthday is on Christmas Eve.
 Tatum, my great-grandson, he's almost 8.  He's standing alongside the Yellowstone River.  I love this boy - he's very kind and thoughtful as well as he loves sports and scouts.  I wish I was a little closer in miles.  We live about 120 miles apart.
 A photo I snapped at the vet's office.  The girl on the left works there, it's a busy place with three vets.  The cat on the counter is the boss.
I may have posted this before but I'm posting it again because it makes me laugh.  Hope it will make you laugh, too.  I call it little puff butt.

Best love to you today.  Diane

Friday, November 18, 2016

Time rushes on................

My llittle great granddaughter will be one year old tomorrow.  This year flew.  It's been so much fun watching her growth and her happy smile.  She loves the camera and seems to be always happy.  Now she's sprouted a little paintbrush hairdo.  It seems only yesterday that my granddaughter called me FIRST to tell me she was coming.  
Yesterday we woke up to this.  Our fall has been long and beautiful.  We knew this was coming but I was still not ready for it.  Thank God for the guys that clean my sidewalk and driveway.  They were here about 6:00 last night, after dark.  I guess we're on our way to winter.

Blessings, Diane

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Old Root Cellar.....

 It must have been an exciting day when Grandpa finished building their root cellar.   It must have been somewhere around 1920.  

When Grandma decided that we needed some potatoes or a jar of applesauce for supper in the middle of the winter we would put our coats on and trek hand in hand down the path Grandpa had already swept for us.  Grandma would open the slanted door and we would go down 5 or 6 steps.  She would then pull the keys out of her coat pocket and unlock the wooden door at the bottom of the stairs.  As the door creaked open the smell of earth and root vegetables would fill your nostrils.... the smell of the root cellar.  To think of that wonderful rooty, earthy smell brings it all back.

As my eyes adjusted to the gloom of the one light bulb, crocks of sand with carrots, wooden boxes of potatoes, shelves of canned goods as well as tins of store bought bargains.  Anything that she could stash away for the winter was on the shelves or in boxes underneath.

This was her special place and it was to be treated with respect.  I'm sure she must have felt so good to know she was providing for her family every time she unlocked that door and saw the work of her hands waiting to feed us.                              Diane

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sweat Shirt Days and Colder Nights..............

I heard once that in the northern states we spend most of the year preparing for winter.

That's probably true, raising a garden, or buying at the farmer's market, canning or freezing food, cutting and stacking wood for our fireplaces, making sure our snow blower is in good shape,  winterizing our homes, cleaning our yards and flower beds.  We've had such a lovely, long fall to get the last minute things done.  But when it snows it will surely catch us with not everything done.

I am surely ready for winter in reading material with my new Amazon Fire as well as A Man Called Ove which I received yesterday.  Now I can read all winter.  I feel so rich.   I just finished The Secrets of Flight by Maggie Leffler.  Books, as you know, are funny.  Just because I love it doesn't mean you will but I thought it was really good.

Enjoy your wild and precious life.           Diane