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My hope is that you will find something happy, funny or comforting here. I recently lost my husband so if I sometimes talk about that, it's because I also find peace and comfort here among dear friends. Please stay as long as you like and come back often. I'm so glad you came.

Friday, November 20, 2015


After prayers, family waiting for hours, and many of us keeping in touch by phone to say nothing of the long labor that Lindsay (my granddaughter) went through,  Emerson Ruth left her cozy nest and came out to see the world yesterday morning.  At 8 lbs. 7 oz. she's just a little butterball and we all think she's the cutest thing ever.     Diane
This is her yesterday, on the day she was born.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

These days...............

The wonders of technology!.  Sitting in Sheridan, Wyoming on video chat with two of my daughters and a friend and they were all singing to Rascal and he was singing along with them and showing them his favorite toy.  Then we watched the sun set over Kona, Hawaii.  I photographed this from the video.  Too amazing, huh?                                  Diane

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Talking about turkeys (Wild Turkeys)...........

Crossing the bridge is a late afternoon ritual for the turkeys.  They roost in some tall trees and seem to do a lot of turkey socializing on the other side so it's home to them.

They usually walk single file across and when they get to the other side there is a bit of an incline and they run like the dickens down the incline.  Kind of like kids running down a hill.

I love these crazy turkeys.  Once in a while their schedule and the time I walk Rascal coincide and they're quite polite about waiting their turn or going ahead while we wait.  They've adapted well to living among people and other animals.  I hope they can survive us, they deserve it.     Diane

Friday, November 6, 2015

Chilly today................

The heat vent comes in handy when you have to go outside early in the morning - even when you're covered with thick fur.

It's going to get a lot colder before winter's over.  As the sole caretaker of our little house (besides Rascal)  I hope I have everything covered.  Some extra wood on the covered patio in case the heat goes out, yard taken care of, Perry (my son-in-law) checked everything out - even tightened the bathroom stool!)  I had the furnace checked out.  The guy asked who took care of it before.  Leonard did, he took care of everything, I tried to learn some of the things but I was very spoiled.  No appliance man to pay for his services, or plumbing, or electrical - I always treasured all that.  He took my car to the garage for maintenance.  Amanda did it when she was here but now I'm on my own.  I'm sure I will manage because I love my little house and want to be here.

I miss him every day.  Things seem to be going along fine and then some little thing will break through my consciousness and the tears come.  I don't want to go to a grief group.  I was married to him for 30 years, I will take my time.

Hope your day is a beautiful one.                                 Diane

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Beautiful neighbors.............

One of the joys of living just inside the city limits is that we're surrounded by wildlife.  Wild turkeys, White Tail and Mule deer, rabbits, and who knows what that roam the alley in the night time.  I know there are raccoons, skunks, they've killed mountain lions, and occasionally even bears are around here.  Some kind of bother me, when I take Rascal out after dark I try to keep a sharp eye on him.  But mostly I just love the creatures who also make our neighborhood their home.

This White Tail doe and her two fawns were right across the alley today.  She didn't seem worried and even allowed me to photograph her and her little family.

What a joy these animals are.                                    Diane

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Change of mind.......................

Leonard's chair.  Always a nemisis to me in the living room.  It took up so much space, it always had to be facing the TV which made changing the room around nonexistent.  It was a pain.

Now guess what is sitting in the new room I've created.  Actually the room was pretty much set up with his chair facing the TV.

It's too big for me, it still takes up a lot of room and it's not going anyplace.  When I sit in it I feel like I'm close to him. Life's funny, isn't it?                              Diane

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween.................

I want Halloween to be the way I want it.  Mysterious, fun, a little magical, but mostly just an exciting evening.  No evil, no devilment,no hurting anything, and still honoring God.  Big want, huh?  I make it that way in my mind anyway.  I hope you have a Happy Halloween       Diane