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Friday, September 9, 2016

September Song.........

 My neighbors left for the winter and blessed me with their patio flowers.  They're really beautiful right now.  These little yellow pansies touch my heart.

If you would like a really peaceful and beautiful few minutes, sit down with your cup of tea or whatever , lean back in your chair and watch  180pz's video.  It's my son in law and a friend flying in the mountains in Alaska.  He's an expert flyer as well as creating this video.  And guess what.....Amanda is learning to fly.  I'm so excited for her.  I want to hear all about her lessons as she goes along.  A couple days ago she took off and landed 3 times each.  I told her I wish I would have been there.  She said"no you don't, mom, it was pretty rocky".  My life lived through my girls.  Diane

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The month of August has flown by.  The anniversary of Leonard's death was the 23rd and I had company off and on for the entire month.  People wanted to be here for me and  to feel closer to him.  Amanda came and spent almost a week helping me catch up on things and we had some fun things, too.

Above is just a peaceful photo of my sweet little dog, Rascal.  He seems to have adjusted in the last year but he has aged.  Sad.

My hollyhocks and other flowers are blooming in spite of me but I'm starting to cut them down.  We had one hard rain and the hollyhocks fell over and flattened everything.  Hope you're all well.  God bless, Diane

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My sister's "yarden"......

Her and her husband work all summer on this and they've created a beautiful place.  Wouldn't you just like to find a bench (and I'm sure there is one) and just get lost in the beauty?  I'm promising myself that I will go over there next year.  It's quite a drive-over the Bighorns and thru the Wind River mountains.  But they come here sometimes so I know it's possible.  I think I'll go in July when the flowers are at their best.  Blessings, Diane

Saturday, August 13, 2016

If you look very closely............. can see the golden wings on this red dragonfly.  Such amazing creatures.  I see them occasionally in the garden but this one is so different.  It's been a very busy August as I'm sure yours has been, too.  Everybody trying to cram the last of the summer into the month.

My cousin Judee was here on a visit for a few days and we had a delightful time together.  She adored Rascal and he ate it up.  I haven't seen her since we were about 8 years old.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.                              Diane

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tiny creature -huge joy..............

Yesterday as I stood in the backyard with the guy who mows all of a sudden he said "Look! A hummingbird"  Neither one of us could hardly contain our joy.  It was a special moment and them the little creature was gone again.  A friend of mine has a lot of them because she feeds them.  I must, too.  It's such a thrill to see them.  He seemed to be attracted to the red, red verbena. Hope you have a special treat of some kind to brighten your day, too.    Diane

Friday, July 22, 2016


Almost everyone is worn down from this heat wave.  I just looked at the weather and it's 63 right now (heaven!!!) but it's supposed to be 106 later today (not heaven!).
I walked outside to find this beautiful hanging basket completely dried out and shot.  I immediately flooded it and flooded it some more and misted it.  Later that evening I was rewarded with the full beauty once again.

Whew!  Wouldn't it be nice if we could do that?  Just add lots of water and we're beautiful once again?  Wishful thinking.  I'm just happy that I didn't lose my flowers.   Stay cool.    Diane

P.S.  My brother got home from the hospital yesterday.  He has a long way to go before he is healed - 6 months probably.  He's in Buffalo now  so I'm going to go over to see him as soon as they get settled - I can't wait to see his face and also see if I can be of any help to his wife.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Such a busy life...........

Thought you might like to help me watch the avacado seed open.  It's been sitting there in the water for months and now it's going to sprout.........the neighbor was teaching a visiting little girl how to ride a bike in the middle of the street........the busy detour will begin again tomorrow but today the kids can play in the street............Rascal snores on his favorite sleeping brother is still in the hospital and he will be for 3 to 5 days, he's in Casper so it's hard to visit him but I talk every day..........the robins are having a hard time keeping track of their babies, they're constantly in a state of fussing and worrying........I scrubbed the birdbath.......put some things in the storage shed, hope to have another garage sale this summer and try to get it emptied out...........the town is settling down after the rodeo, I'm thankful that it's over for another year.........watched the Christian worship hour - it was interrupted by George Stephanopolis with a special report about another police shooting life in a nutshell this morning.     Diane