Thursday, July 27, 2017


So many things have happened this summer.  Family, neighbors, one of my daughters moving here in a few weeks, heat (like everyone) but try as I might there doesn't seem anything to to tell you about.
well, there was one thing.  A bird ran into my head.  Really, I startled a young bird as I walked into one of my flower beds and he flew right into my head.  He then flew on trying to grab a tree branch, and then a flower and then landing face first into the lawn.  I think he was alright.  Both of us were so startled.  Since he was just beginning his life I don't think he was as surprised as me.  Never in my life did I ever have that happen before.

And that, my friends was probably the most unusual thing that happened to me this summer.

                                                                      Blessings,   Diane

Saturday, June 10, 2017

In Love Again......

No, not me.  It's the name of the iris that opened for the first time yesterday.  It's been long awaited with twists and turns along the way's here and worth every minute of waiting for it.
I first found it on pinterest a few years ago and had to have it.  So I found a company which carried it and ordered one and then was promptly advised that they wouldn't send it till fall because of our climate.  When it came I planted it and eagerly waited all winter.
When it opened
....beautiful but not it.

A few more years went by and I was talking with someone about irises and the subject of it came up.  Miraculously she said "I have some I'll share with you" .  In a week I got a package with 6 rhizomes and a fully opened blossom!

I planted them and this is the second year and yesterday the first one opened.

So it's a huge joy for me and I hope for you, too.     I guess you could say I am in love again.        

Monday, June 5, 2017

Well, there went THAT month.....

The month of May went by in a flash.  Probably because I had so many things going on, things to look forward to and things I dreaded.  I know that dreading only makes it harder on myself but try as I might, I really hated to have Rascal groomed.  He's 11 1/2 and I've always trimmed him myself but he got to the place he really needed a professional grooming.   And she cut him so short that he had to wear a sweater.  The only good thing is that he will have a good summer.  His hair will not be so long that he pants all the time.

My friend Sharon, and her daughter were here from Phoenix along with her son, three other friends and I met for lunch and totally enjoyed the precious time together.

Then - foot surgery where I got 3 toes on my right foot straightened out.  As it was I watched most of the procedure.  After dealing with those toes for a long time it was interesting to see how he was fixing them.  I will spare you the pictures of my progress,  some people don't find it as interesting as I do.

Then I had a visit from my daughter, Catherine, a total joy.  We went to the local garden center and bought some beautiful things.

So that was my month.  And it's already well into June.  I hope your spring and summer are joyful.  Love to you all,  

Friday, May 12, 2017

Mother's Day.....................

What it means to me.  My mother Elrose.  This is her probably 1945.  Her birthday May 13, many times fell on Mother's Day.  Of course it's impossible to think of Mother's Day without thinking of her.  

Nor is it  possible to think of it without thinking of my precious daughters,, my joy in being on this earth.   

Cathy, Amanda, and Brenda along with my Mother's pets.  Pets have always been in our life and we're richer for it.  Cathy is the mother of two girls, They are all mothers of pets.  
Happy Mother's Day to all of us. 

                   And this is my little child now.  Rascal who is now 11.  We have to have somebody close to love and cuddle.  He's not much on the cuddling but he's devoted and gives joy to my life.  I hope I give him joy, too.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Joyous Day

I've been sick for a few days but yesterday was worth it.  It was a perfectly wonderful day.  The sun was brilliant, the grass was so green and it seemed like everyone I ran into was happy.  I guess that I've just described happiness.  Every day is like that if we allow it, if we give ourselves to God and live in His love.  I pray that you would be so blessed today.                            Diane

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter Sunday........

Here is Emerson, 17 months old already.  Today she's a butterfly.  Below is her brother Tatum, the Easter Bunny brought him trucks. They were both a joy and made me laugh.   I think they both had a wonderful time.  My family was down from Billings and my friend, Janet was here.  It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day and the first time I've had Easter at my house for quite a while,  I really hope yours was great.    God bless, Diane    

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Time Does Fly..........

Here it is the 18th already.  Seems like it was only yesterday that we set our clocks ahead, really!  The weather is milder here but very unpredictable.  I've been trying to clean up the winter debris of the yard bt it's very slow going.  Rascal is a great help, though.  He's always there with me.  I love this little dog.
I hope you have a great weekend wherever you live.