Saturday, October 5, 2019

Talking Turkey

Wild Turkeys are so entertaining, at least to me.  If you notice there are 9 in this group and that's about the size of a rafter of them.  I've noticed that there are usually 9 of the little babies and they stick together for life.  Sometimes I'll see several rafters or flocks all together .

I've written about them before.  I think they're not appreciated by many people who call them dumb birds at best.  Even at that they manage to navigate around our neighborhood with a very busy street only one block over.  They hold up traffic as they cross it single file and thankfully when that happens it's people like me who are willing to give them the right-of-way.
Off one way to look for food and favorite people who feed them or going to work. 

Then across the bridge to roost in some tall trees on the other side for the night.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the little documentary on creatures dear to my heart.  And I hope you have a good weekend.  And thank you for reading this.   God bless.                        Diane


Ruth Hiebert said...

Interesting birds. I don't see them often but do enjoy them.

Kit said...

How wonderful to have these creatures wandering around! I see deer but no turkeys. 😊 Kit

Gary and Judy said...

In our neighborhood we have Kalij pheasants in the woods and on the streets. They make their first appearance at sunrise. They congregate on the streets and seem to be catching up on gossip since yesterday. There are nenes on the lawns of the golf course on occasion. When we see nothing the place looks bare and lonely.

Name: Amanda said...

I need to find that PBS documentary on turkeys that I saw several years ago. They are fascinating! Xobean