Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Perfect Day

There's a nice older gentleman who frequents the SA the same time I do on Tuesday mornings. He's a bit of a hermit but pleasant to speak to. He stays to himself but is a kindly person when he does talk. He kind of looks like he doesn't have a woman around to take care of him and lives kind of woodsy.
The only reason I'm giving you all this color is because I want you to know the kind of guy he is.
Today when I was checking out, one of the girls and I were chatting about how our Easter was. He walked up to check out. We were just saying that we didn't have company when he said "Why torture yourself to be sociable!" Good point!
So I asked him if he had a nice Easter.
"Yes, I did" he said. "I went out to the shootin' range twice and.......I heard a meadowlark sing"! What a poetic soul.
I told him that sounded like a perfect day to me. Diane
(The sound of the meadowlark is bliss to us in Wyoming. It's right up there with spotting the first pasque flower of the year or hearing the bugle of the bull elk in September!)


Laurie said...

How perfect! Loved this post Diane!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I can visualize this gentleman.He must be someone who needs a smile from others.Yet,he doesn't sound lonely.Thank-you for sharing this,it reminds me to give that word of encouragement and smile to those around me.Have a beautiful day.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That gentleman sounds like a neat person.... Sometimes people like that are more interesting to be around than ones whose life is too full of 'stuff' and 'people'....George and I spent Easter alone --and that was our choice too... It was wonderful.

Heidi said...

Diane I just want to bottle you up and carry your kindness around in my pocket all day...Loved your post!