Saturday, September 12, 2009

After 9/11

For days and weeks after the attack the American flag was flown EVERYWHERE. People flew it from their cars, nearly every house had a flag, it was flown from the sides of big buildings and cliffs. I remember seeing one boy with purple hair proudly waving the flag from the corner and he had tears in his eyes. "God Bless the USA" was applauded so loudly you could hardly hear the song. My youngest granddaughter made me 2 pictures of a flag to put in my car windows. It was a good time as well as a bad time. Patriotism was everywhere.
I sat down and my fingers just started working on this quilt as if they had a life of their own. I created the White House. I created little houses (see my previous post)I even created little cars. And every little house and big house and little car had an American flag. I didn't follow a pattern. I had a girl machine quilt it for me and if you look you can see the stars in her pattern. I created my 9/11 quilt just in time for the first anniversary. Diane


Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a neat thing to do, Diane, after 9/11... We all needed to express ourselves in so many different ways after that tragedy... Some people sing, some read, some dance, some pray---and Diane QUILTS.... How neat is that!!!!!

I love it... It's gorgeous...

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Now that is a true work of the heart.This is an heirloom to pass down for generations.

Jayne said...

Our nation came together in a way that we'll probably never see again. What a beautiful quilt in tribute Diane.

Laurie said...

I agree with Ruth Diane, This is definetly an heirloom, what a beautiful job, and a tribute to those who lost their lives. Bless You!