Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heaven To Me

 As I was driving to an appointment today I saw this little herd of deer on someone's lawn.  They'd found some lovely grass between some of the snow piles and were feasting.    
Then I noticed these deer in their backyard...apples....I can see what they're after here. 

This is a double joy to me to see these sweet and innocent animals.  Our city has decided to thin them out and are trying to shoot .....YES, SHOOT.....100 of them within the city limits.  I fought them  as hard as I could but people with more weight than I wanted it done.  The Game and Fish wanted them eliminated.  And so did a lot of people who didn't want them on their lawns.  My heart is broken by this.  So when I see some like today, innocently munching in someone's yard, I just thank God that they're here today and pray that he will keep them somewhere else when the police are trying to shoot them.                 Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I'm with you.I hate to see these animals shot all because they are on someone's yard.I think it would be grate to have them on my yard.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Gosh... Can't they just catch them (trap them) and take them far away to another area???? That's terrible. Deer and all critters are protected here --so I don't think that will ever happen around my area (thank goodness)...

Beautiful pictures of gorgeous deer.

Heidi said...

I wish they would let God do his work and things always go wrong when they try to meddle with Mother nature!!!!soooo sad.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Diane, this is very sad to hear, especially since you are living in an area that is filled with wildlife creatures who were there before man. I always feel that we encroach on their land and should respect their habitat, not try to turn it completely into a space where only man can live. If people don't want wildlife around, they need to move to the city.

Hope you are well! Happy belated birthday wishes to your daughter. Love your journal pages and tags, too. Now I am off to bed. Tomorrow is another day. Best wishes, Tammy

mudderbear said...

I would just love it if there were deer outside my window. How can anyone want to shoot one??!!! Ever???!!!!!!