Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My View From Here

 "Good morning, here's a look at your national weather." The weatherman/girl stands in the middle of the picture and points all over the east coast.  "Horrific storm here, cars all over the place, ice, electricity out all up and down this area.  "Then into the south, more snow, and cold weather.  Could be a real weather breeder.  Well, that's a look at your national weather, now we'll return to your regular programming."  Hey, wait a minute, where are WE? Where's Wyoming?  Montana?  Where are all the states west of the Mississippi?  Where's Hawaii and Alaska maybe even Canada, you're standing in front of us!  the West Coast?  where's Idaho for pete's sake? 

What happened is what always happens.  We go about our digging out, braving the cold in secret almost glad that nobody knows we're here.  Maybe that's what makes us such independent spirits.     Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I know how you feel.Sometimes it seems that part of the country are forgotten.You have given us the weather on this blog,and that is better than any weather forecaster on TV.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We here in Tennessee get very little national coverage also, Diane. SO--I know how you feel. We listen to Fox News --and the weather person is great. But--all she talks about is the Northeast or East Coast or Midwest, or the West Coast. IF she talks about the south, it's usually Florida or Texas... ALL of us in the middle get left out ---or as you said, they stand right in front of us while giving the weather... ha ha


mudderbear said...

Absolutely...That's Right!!!! I often feel the same way, especially with the lists in magazines, for example, of craft shows and antique shops. It's like Utah just isn't part of the Union yet! Salt Lake hosted the 2002 Olympics!!!!! Best Party I've ever been to. ^.^)

Laurie said...

Come to think of it Diane, when was the last time I saw anything about out west weather!? Thanks for your update!

Jayne said...

I suppose the assumption is you all are ALWAYS digging out in the winter? Stay warm and safe up there Diane! :c)

The French Bear said...

Weird weather is beginning to be normal over here....we are under six feet of snow and temps in the low 30's and tomorrow it is supposed to be above zero and melting... hope there won't be flooding now.
I am just trying to drive back and forth to work without mishap......makes me stressed to go to work!
Stay warm, I think of you often!

Wildflower Cabin said...

Your snow pictures are lovely! I think it's nice to remain unknown a little bit...kind of like keeping a special secret! :o)

Heidi said...

We have 12 above this morning it's a heat's so funny how 10 degrees can make such a difference!!

Name: Amanda said...

That's funny about the weather person covering up half of the united states with their body! I would HATE to be a weather person! Oiy! I guess the weather happens whether we know what it's going to do or not. xobean