Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Tidying Up.........

......the high-rise.

To Bonnie, who is Heidi's mother on Bord and Butik, hope you're soon back to your old self and wearing your same comfortable shoes.   


Heidi said...

My Dad and Mom were eating dinner tonight when I pulled up your post we all had a good laugh thats too funny! Her first Dr. appointment is Thursday. She seems to be doing good her leg just keeps swelling up! Take care

Laurie said...

Cute Diane! And I LOVE your new header!! It's beautiful, peaceful, you did a great job with your photography!!

Pondside said...

Those shoes - anyone could be tall!
Your header is lovely - lots to see and enjoy there.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Maybe Mr. or Ms. Squirrel could come tidy up my house next.

Love that sunflower picture a few posts back. So vibrant!

Have a great week. :) Tammy