Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Maybe they do this where you live, too.

The Cancer Survivors take orders earlier in the year for daffodils. When it's the worst around here, when all the snow is disappearing and all of last year's half-rotten leaves are showing themselves, all of the dirt that has accumulated makes everything look dingy and gray, someone knocks on your door and delivers your daffodils. If you go to the bank all of the cashiers have daffodils at their windows, the bookstore has big bouquets of daffodils, they're on the desks at the hospital. Bright yellow is everywhere! Ours came yesterday and I always have them deliver a bunch to Mother in the nursing home.

I love to put the daffodils in this gorgeous vase which just fits them perfectly.
Have a daffodil bright day tomorrow. Diane


Name: Amanda said...

That yellow looks so cheery! I've had about 4 bundles in a vase for the last week. I just threw them out today :(

They mean SPRING is coming!!! I can't wait. xobean

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The bright cheery Daffodil will bring a smile to any face.Thanks for sharing yours.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how I love Daffodils, Diane. I cannot wait until ours bloom here. It is 'trying' to be a little bit sunny today---just a tad---but it's nice!!!!! Cannot wait to have some warm and really sunny days!!!!

Thanks for sharing your Daff's.

June said...

Hi Diane,
We don't have that here, but how lovely would it be if we did! Your picture is gorgeous and put a huge smile on my face!
Speaking of smiles, yesterday when I popped by your blog and saw the picture of you and your sister and grandfather, I made a note to come back and let you know what a little cutie you are in here. I love to see pictures of us when we were small. I don't know if it's the time or the black and white, but I find them all so cute. Were there no ugly children back then?
I love geneology too!

Jill said...

Beautiful daffodils Diane and I am so happy that they do that there for Cancer. Here we have a special day set aside on April 9th (Daffodil Day) with the Canadian Cancer Foundation.:)

Jayne said...

The first harbingers of spring! Love them!