Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Looking for Some Beauty

The land outside right now is dull and drab colors and I think I'll head back to the cottage for a bit.
Come sit by the fire with me, it's not a real fireplace but it does heat so it will be nice and cozy.
The slightly frazzled reindeer meets us at the door with his leftover Christmas bow. The red brightens things up.
Grab a book if you want, all my favorites are out here, as well as pretty magazines to while away the time.
I wish you could really join me in the cottage. How fun would that be!!! Diane


Pondside said...

You have a little electric fire in your cottage?! That is just the best! The Great Dane will be looking at plans in self defence because I have now really got a project for him.

The French Bear said...

Oh it would be fun!!!!
Margaret B

Denise said...

Gollie that is pretty...... I would LOVE to come and sit and chat and visit.......Thank you for the invite... It looks like such a peaceful place to be!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

If we lived closer to each other I would be there in a heart beat.As it is,I will join you in my mind.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh wouldn't that be fabulous, Diane??? I'd love to be able to join your there. Bet we could talk for hours and hours. ha ha

Looks so comfy...

June said...

Diane I have missed you so much and I see that I have missed some wonderful posts over here at your place. Your dried flowers are amazing and I loved your rocky posts. But i can tell you right now that if I came to your cottage there wouldn't be any reading getting done. I can be a real chatterbox and soon you would be begging me to go. I would love to come sit by the fire with you my friend.

Jayne said...

I envy you your sweet cottage, and know it brings you much joy and comfort. :c)