Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet Little Nest

No, we didn't get more snow. This picture was taken April 4th and I believe it's the same birds that have built a nest in a little evergreen in front of our neighbor's house. I've noticed that every time I get a certain distance from the tree a little bird flies out. Last night when we were walking my husband peeked into the tree and there was a tiny nest, not any bigger than a teacup. He being taller than I could see several tiny little blue eggs. I had to take his word for it and I don't want to bother the little adult bird again. God bless you, Diane


Anonymous said...

That is the first thing I thought... snow????? it's late May. Hehe.. glad to know you didn't get more.

Love the birds. Love the songs!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That's neat, Diane... Do you know what kind of birds you have??? That one looks like a finch (House or Purple)... BUT--since the picture is dark, I can't really tell.

Congrats on having a nest in the evergreen not far from you. Keep us posted!!!!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

How special to have a nest close by.

Jayne said...

Hmmmm... small like a teacup... in an evergreen. I am betting maybe a chipping sparrow (which can have pale blue eggs) instead of house finches? :c) Sweet!

Kathy McCreedy said...

Hi Diane! How awesome to have a nest with eggs in it, near your home! I wish your hubby could've taken a photo of the nest and eggs, don't you?!? Thank you for your most appreciated comments re: my dark and dramatic postcard I posted today... you make my day when I hear from you!!! xoxo