Saturday, February 28, 2009


Tuesday I drove to Billings, Montana to help my oldest daughter, Catherine, celebrate her 48th birthday. I told her to pick someplace where she wanted to go for lunch so she picked an Irish Pub knowing that it would be a big treat for me. Next we went shopping at a couple places, Hobby Lobby and Barnes and Noble not because that would be her choice but she knows I love those places. That's the way she is - she's so unselfish. And she's so happy sharing what you like for her birthday.

After the shopping of her choice we had some birthday cheesecake and coffee at B & N to celebrate and we had her first grandchild as a special guest. It was a lovely day with her.

Catherine is so hard working but yet she seems to have time for her children, her grandchildren, her parents, her in-laws, sports that her children are involved in, school activities and she works for a children's dentist. I have no idea how she finds the time but she has a pretty yard and takes special joy in her flowers in the summertime. Whew!
(Both of these pictures are of Catherine, just a little different look)

Then I headed back home. This is a picture going from Montana to Wyoming. I thought it was a perfect end to the day.

God bless you, Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You have a beautiful daughter,both in looks and in spirit.The last picture certainly ends the day perfectly.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how special, Diane. Happy Birthday to Catherine. I can tell how proud you are of her. If she is unselfish, she definitely takes after her mother!!!!

The granddaughter and your great grandbaby are beautiful also.

Glad you had a wonderful day.

Denise said...

Girlfriend you look Mar-vo-lus for having a daughter 48...... Really good !!!!!!!

Lovely day........... you had.....

Jayne said...

What a fun, fun day Diane! So glad you got to spend time with both of those girls. :c)

Laurie said...

I'm so happy you had this day Diane, what a beautiful daughter and grandchild! It sounds like the perfect celebration. Now for Alaska!!
Oh, and yeah that dinner was me!

Z said...

I think I love Catherine.

And you can't imagine how exciting it is for someone in England even to hear of someone driving from Montana to Wyoming! That picture is amazing, BTW - it looks as if it's moving.

Lisa Renéa said...

Another fab photo! So glad you have the opportunities to visit with your mom and daughter.