Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Black and white challenge..............

 Just finished a photo challenge and I found it great to get me out of my sad rut.  The picture above is going into my back porch.   
 This gate is one of several that my neighbor just finished building along with a very artistic fence.

 I took a ride out in the country to see my friend and the weather turned stormy but it was beautiful.

 My daughter's dogs very interested in what's going on outside.
  Love these great creatures.  They have found some apples and are having a feast.

The creek bank near my home. Although it makes me sad because I always walked Rascal here, I  love this place.                Blessings,   Diane


Ruth Hiebert said...

Black and white adds a whole new dimension to a picture. These are all great choices.

Kit said...

I love them all! Great that you had fun with it. :) Kit

Jennifer Gail said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Your header makes me want to put on my hoodie:)

Name: Amanda said...

Fun photos! Xobean