Wednesday, January 27, 2016


 Two different loves, in the same house. Thought I'd show you how fickle I am.
Most of my house is muted, quiet tones and brings with it a peace and calming.
Then there's my kitchen.  Since I have a potter in my family(Amanda) I get the benefit of amazing colors.  That's why I took the doors off of my overhead cabinets, to easily display the vibrant colors.  A few days she sent me some cafe au lait mugs, small bowls, and some bowls in amazing colors that are just the right size for a big serving of popcorn(the plaid one with the cups).  I have benefited from her generosity for many years and never get tired of looking at the pottery  


Ruth Hiebert said...

With vibrant colours like that filling your cabinets,it's a good idea to remove the doors.Your kitchen looks very cheery.

Pondside said...

I love the colours! I'd say you have the best of both colour viewpoints!

Kit said...

Wow! How pretty. I just love the look of your home. :) Kit

Name: Amanda said...

You are my best customer. Love you Mom! Xo bean

Lynn Stevens said...

Its nice to have different looks in your home Diane. Try and spend more time in your kitchen with all those beautiful colors .They may even help to brighten an other wise sad day.
Saying prayers that you'll feel up to doing more soon.
I know making the quilts for my Grand babies helped me a lot. Just taking that first step can be the hardest.
Hugs xoxoxo Lynn

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hand thrown pottery is the best. I wish I could have cupboards filled with it. I'm two faced too when it comes to what I like, to wear and to decorate with. Happy February!

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Jane the Booklady said...

I love the look of your home Diane. I think it's fun to have different moods in different rooms. What beautiful colourful pottery! Jane xx