Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Alaska Sox...............

With the changing seasons, warmer clothes.  Boy! I love
these sox.
(ignore the pants, they're my yard work pants)
Every so often when Bean comes down, she brings some for me.
This last time she was here she brought me a bunch, I'm in heaven.
And then when I shrink the tops when I forget and throw them in the dryer I pass them on to others who equally love them.
Except this pair which I dearly love.  Can you tell?


Ruth Hiebert said...

What's not to love about socks like that? The bright colors bring joy and then because you got them as special gifts,that warms the heart.

Name: Amanda said...

Fun post mom! So glad you enjoy them! Xoxo bean

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Nice socks! When they become holey, I used them for dusting. :)

Debbie Mitchell said...

Love them!!!

Kit said...

They are lovely, even the "well-loved" ones. I have a few pair like those, that my daughters bought me. You have a good week! Hugs, Kit