Thursday, July 9, 2015


Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns.  They help hold me up.

Things have changed so fast since I last wrote.
Even though Leonard is in a very weakened state the cardiologist talked to him on Monday and Leonard jumped at the chance to get a pacemaker.  So he was immediately taken by ambulance to Billings.  On Tuesday they determined that he was able to have one and then on Wednesday they did the procedure.  It's been crazy and I'm so thankful that my daughter Catherine and her family are there.  They have taken care of everything.  I was there yesterday and then I had to come back home.  He survived the surgery and will probably be transferred to a nursing home here tomorrow.   .

Leonard's granddaughter, Lili, my great grandson, Tatum (coloring), and a dear little boy my granddaughter takes care of were waiting with us yesterday during the surgery.   If Leonard only knew how much love he is surrounded by.                  Diane


Laurie said...

So good Diane that they were able to do the pace maker. Both Mom and Dad had one, it's amazing what can be done. God Bless your family for being there for you Diane, my prayers continue.

Janice said...

Thinking of your husband...and you! I hope he recovers well from the surgery!