Sunday, July 26, 2015

A couple times a day............

This is what greets me as I park my car at the therapy
center.  These cows are shaded up because it was 
in the mid-nineties today. They seem so peaceful and content that it's hard to think that life can be anything else.
Down a hallway, much like many other hallways, to 
Leonard's room.  This is where I spend time every
day and when I leave I always feel that 
I haven't spent enough.  
These are my days and his days.  



Name: Amanda said...

Thanks for the tour. It makes sense that an old cowboy would be at a place called saddle ridge! Xo

Ruth Hiebert said...

Life has so many twists and turns.Just keep on finding something to be thankful for everyday,even if it is something ever so small.

June said...

I know I miss so many posts here Diane, but I went back and read your last three or so and realize that things are quite difficult these days for you. You and Leonard are in my prayers, my dear. I love your wonderful attitude and I know that that will help you through this.
The holly hocks are AMAZINGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!