Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Always moving, always changing......................

As you know I love to take pictures of the creek in its many forms, in all seasons, in all colors.  It's constantly changing, always moving, changing color with the sky and the surrounding foliage.

Just like the creek, so is life, and so is my life.  Leonard gets worse with each passing day but he's also the toughest man in the world, I think.  He's tough, he's going to give this thing all he has and then some.  Now and then he gets dressed and goes out to his workshop where he dreams of his days of  being the kingpin in his own world.  He might even tinker with something but then he barely makes it back to the house and that's it for the day.

My girls are so supportive, Brenda pays to have our lawn taken care of and Amanda talks to me by video every day, Cathy and Perry come down to do some of the overwhelming stuff when they can.  My sister and I talk and laugh and keep each other sane and my few precious friends and blogging friends are bright stars in my world.  

 My life begins to take on a new look with me being the one who does everything.  I try to find time for myself and savor that time.   Meals are a nightmare.  Things that sound good to him aren't and then he feels like something else - usually I have to run to the store and find, and maybe that won't taste good either.  I pray that our checkbook holds together through all this.  And I try to eat well but I forget sometimes with everything else.  It's not all bad, sometimes the freedom of being in charge is very heady.

Cathy is recovering from her surgery on Friday.  After two nights in the hospital she's so thankful to be home where she can get some rest.  I hope to go up to Billings probably on Thursday to see her.  A mother has to see these things with her own eyes, doesn't she.
                  To you and your changing life, with love, Diane


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

It's certainly a tough period you are going through. Life is ever changing and we never know what one day holds to the next. Sending you hugs and good wishes, praying for strength to get through and believing that you will handle it all with grace and gratitude. Blessings, Tammy

June said...

Yes, mother's do. As I read this post, I thought of how life changing it would be for you. Sometimes finding a 'new normal' is a difficult thing, isn't it. But like the creek near you, you will shine through it! I just know it!
sending hugs...

Name: Amanda said...

Love you mom! You are going through a lot right now. Love Leonard too. Xo bean

Ruth Hiebert said...

I realize that this is a very tough stretch for you right now. hang in there,my friend,you will make it through and the sun WILL shine again.My prayers are with you and Leonard.

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, dear Diane,
You stopped by my blog last week and found that our dear mutual friend Joanna Pierotti had passed away. I too, had to search to see what had happened to her. It was a gal in Denmark, Dorthe, who had posted it on her blog about Joanna, and then Suzy Qu, in Australia, of Suzy Qu's Threadworks had posted it from Dorthe's blog. I was never so shocked in my life. I thought Joanna, was going to outlast her husband Ron. She was an amazing woman, and always praising the Lord in her circumstances. She and Ron didn't always have much money but God watched over them with many necessities and family in Arizona.
Life can change at the turn of the page. I know Lupus can be such a debilitating disease with not much relief. I have a dear friend who has been on a journey with Lupus for twenty years. Her brother had it too, so it seemed to be genetic. The brother had served in the Viet Nam War, which did not do his body any good, and his mind deteriorated towards the close of his sad life. He was a good man and did love the Lord, but the terrible visions of the war, like many who were in Viet Nam, he ended up committing suicide. So sad. God forgives those who really don't know what they are doing. There is forgiveness.
Just letting you know I am praying for you and for Leonard too. May God give you the strength and grace being a caregiver. I have been there caring for my mother-in-law for two years, bless her heart. She was 95 when she went to meet her Savior. We do what we have to do at times taking care of our loved ones.
Teresa in California

Kit said...

I have been thinking about you alot. Such a hard time for all of you. I am glad you have folks to help you. I hope your daughter is doing better. Hugs, Kit