Saturday, May 9, 2015


 She wasn't always old, she was once young and beautiful.  She married very early like many girls during WW2.  She was always a beauty and she never thought she wasn't.  I love that.  Even though life was rough and she had very few pretty dresses she always loved to do her nails and her face and as far as I know she always felt pretty.

Even when she was 89 she never passed up a chance to flirt a little - I think it was because she still felt pretty.

She's been gone a little over two years now and I still miss being able to pick up the phone and ask her about a recipe or what this or that symptom means.  She always said she was pretty good at diagnosing because she'd had everything in the book.  It's kind of funny, this picture on her last Mother's Day is one of my favorites and she didn't even know I took it.

Happy Mother's Day to mothers of children and furry children.  I hope you have a wonderful day.


Ruth Hiebert said...

She was indeed a beautiful lady,even in advanced years.

June said...

WOW! She IS a Beauty Diane! I am so glad you shared these photos. I just love seeing photos that were taken years ago and it looks like your mom was a snappy dresser too.
I loved seeing you cherry tree in the previous post. Mine are blooming too and isn't the smell to die for?!
hugs from here...

Pondside said...

Happy Mothers' Day, Diane. Your mother was so very pretty - and I love how you knew that SHE knew she was pretty. That is a gift, isn't it?!