Friday, August 1, 2014

True red.............

Hollyhocks come in so many colors and I think the reason I love them so much is that you never know what color they're going to be and it's always a surprise.  I love this red one.

I have trouble trying to get my camera to pick up a perfect red.  Either there's too much light in it or it comes out a little off.

This one came out perfect.

Happy August!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

WOW! I don't think I have ever seen such a bright red Hollyhock. It is gorgeous.

HWIT BLOGG said...

So red! So lovely!

Pondside said...

It's beautiful! We don't see a red hollyhock very often!

Name: Amanda said...

I always love hollyhocks! They are such an old flower. Xo