Friday, July 11, 2014

Visiting my heart...................

Maybe it's the hot weather, maybe just reminiscing, I'm not sure.  But I've had 
Alaska and my dear family there on my mind all morning.  
I can't think of Amanda and Gregg without thinking of their housefull of creatures.  Cats and dogs
galore and I love them all.  Above, a few of us are waiting for her to come
downstairs.  I think it's because they know they're adored, she says
they're only waiting for breakfast.  
The driver

Her and I the day I got there
last summer.  Turnagin Arm is in the background.   
On my first trip to Alaska
Gregg flew over Halibut Cove and 
pointed it out to me.  The second trip they planned
a surprise boat trip from Homer to the cove.
What a blast!  I don't know when I was on
a boat last.  This is an absolutely charming little 
village at the end of the cove with houses built up the
mountainside and the ones near the
water are built on a boardwalk.  Art galleries, little shops,
every different color - a feast for the eyes.  On debarking 
we were met by the dog Pekoe who is the official greeter. 
We had the most delicious and gorgeous lunch at the Saltry. 

I was so glad I could fly with them in their new plane.  
I even love the smell of planes. of my favorite places
on this earth - the beach at
Homer Spit. 

Lunch with 4 wonderful people, Heidi
Amanda, Ellen and Jan - in the foreground. relive that day.  

The beach again

Starfish at Halibut Cove - they were beautiful. 

On the boat.  You would have thought
I would have worn my dark glasses.  Amanda got
Thanks for letting me wander down memory
lane.  Hope you enjoyed it, too.
And thanks again, Bean and Gregg.  I love you.


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Name: Amanda said...

What lovely memories we made. I smile when I think of your visits and how special it was to have long talks, great views and always a dog or cat on your lap. Love you!