Thursday, June 26, 2014

A month of blessings...........

 Finally I can get back into my pictures and write a blog.  My sweet daughter-in-law, Jess, and Amanda have helped me get onto (or back onto) the technological wagon.
Brenda, Me, Catherine, and Amanda (Bean)
 It's been a busy month with all three of my daughters getting together with me to celebrate my birthday.
 My husband isn't well and he had to go to the emergency room and spend a night at the hospital in the meantime.  He's doing a little better now.
top row - Granddaughter Lindsay and her boyfriend, granddaughter Hannah, my daughter, Catherine with her husband Perry behind her, my brother, Mike and his wife, Dianna, their son (my nephew) Shawn with his little boy, Sawyer on his shoulders, me, Shawn's wife, Brandi, Amanda, and Brenda.
2nd row - my sister, Patsy, Leonard's son-in-law, Don, Leonard's daughter, Rose, their daughter, Lili, Leonard, Jess.
3rd row - my great-grandson, Tatum, Shawn and Brandi's daughter, Payton, and my granddaughter, Jordin and of course, Rascal.  
 Ended up with 23 people at the get together.  Some of them hadn't seen each other for a long time.
My daughters conspired to make a memory jar for me.  In it were memories that each one of them contributed.  Some funny, some nostalgic, some embarrassing and some I could not even remember.  As I read each little rolled up scrap I laughed, cried, hid my face and enjoyed each memory.  Such a great idea, thank you - each of you. 

Amanda made the beautiful quilt, the first one that anyone ever made for me in my adult life.  It's absolutely exploding with color - I just love it.
Amanda (holding Rascal, Brenda, Jess, and Jordin in front
And then, too soon, they're all gone.  A busy, emotional and loving month almost over.



Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am glad they made the time to celebrate with you.

purplehaze said...

What a time for you. Feels good being LOVED doesn't it!!!! You deserve it.

Kit said...

Wow, what a great family! I am glad you had this time together. Love the idea about a memory jar. How sweet is that!? :) Kit