Sunday, May 19, 2013



Last night when I was in the back yard
with Rascal it had rained earlier, everything was fresh
and the aroma of the cherry tree filled every
corner of the yard.  It was heavenly!

Whatever your day is like I hope you have one time, at least,
when you feel true happiness.

There is only one romance - the Soul's.   -W.B Yeats





Ramblin Rose said...

I love the picture. I can just imaging you sitting in your cottage with this little angel and Rascal listening to the rain on the roof with the door open and smelling the lovely blossoms through the screen door. It's so peaceful for me to just think about it. Love, Patsy

Name: Amanda said...

Nice! I'm with Patsy, I can just see you there - and wish I was. But it makes me feel good thinking about it too! :) xobean