Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pink cakes.............

Little Debbie's Valentine cakes.
I always wondered what they were like, this time I bought
a box.  Really, I think they're good, wrapped two
in a package, one for sharing and only a few bites at
best.  But they're kind of cute and festive. 
A happy sweet heart to you today.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You present it in such a pretty way. I love the Old Country Roses. Did you get the plate from my china cupboard? Just kidding of course.

Laurie said...

I really liked Little Debbie snack cakes. Still do, but much more monitored now! I love the Old Country Roses pattern also, always been one of my favorites!

Name: Amanda said...

Sweet! Loe your plate too! xobean

Tammy said...

Nice photo! I think I would rather photograph them than eat them. :) Hugs, Tammy

Jayne said...

I used to buy these for Sam and he loved them. Heart shaped cakes... is there anything more happy?