Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Month of Hearts - Little Pink Bravery

It's just a little thing -about 2" across.  I don't know where I got it, probably in a bunch of things at a garage sale.  It's hung on my inspiration board or somewhere close every since.  Sometimes a glance at it is all I need to take a deep breath, sit up straighter, and carry on.  .                    Diane


Terra said...

Your pink heart is a super inspiration and I can see why you keep it close at hand.

Pondside said...

Oh that we could each have such a sweet, soft heart emblazoned with 'courage'!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Not only is it very cute,but it is also just what I need to see often. Thanks for sharing this picture.

Lynn Stevens said...

Hang in there Diane, Things will get better soon.
Heart hugs to you.

Zuzu said...

I scrolled down to catch up with your heart posts. Love each and every one of them, Diane!

Oh - and about what to do with old candy boxes? I had a small one, and decorated it with cut newsprint, ribbons and vintage millinery. I plan on using it year-round to store craft supplies in. :)

Name: Amanda said...

I love this! What a lovely collage. xobean