Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rethinking Halloween........

The fun of Halloween night
with my children is long gone,
our neighborhood is very quiet on that night
because the churches and nursing homes
put on parties for the kids - that's
a good thing.
But that doesn't mean that
the festiveness of the season
is over for me.
Being a Christian I'm not
that crazy about Halloween anyway....
but I love to celebrate
So many reasons, but the month itself
is beautiful.
The changing light, early nightfalls,
leaves scurrying down the street,
the hooting of an owl, and flurry of
bats only makes it a mysterious
and whimsical month.
My potions are not potions at all
but beautiful bottles containing Autumn Whispers,
Dragonfly Blessings, Fairy Kisses and
Mermaid Tears. Rather than them
being ingredients for spells they're
little things I've captured to
hold onto the summer.
Mr. Poe and the skeleton are just
Halloween visitors to my studio.
It took me a while to
settle on how I wanted to
celebrate this season. Somewhere between
the grinning pumpkins and the really
terrifying, between the early
commercialization of yet another holiday
and sanity there's a place of whimsy and
mystery, joy, and fun.

That's how I celebrate October.



The French Bear said...

I celebrate Fall too, not really halloween but this year I am making little witch least they a pretty ones, he he.
How are you? I am trying hard to blog again but I also want to start my Etsy shop so I need to make things to sell and that takes a lot of time these body doesn't want to work with my head and my hands seem to be two sizes too big.....
I love the crow on the pumpkin, of course the white one is my favourite!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I like to see how others decorate their homes for fall. I seem to not get in the spirit for that. Perhaps some year,but until then I will enjoy what you and others display.

Kit said...

And your celebration looks so lovely! It's funny. I do not like scary movies, I am a strong Christian but I just love Halloween. For the fun aspect. And for the prettyness of this season. :) Kit

Pondside said...

I love your description of October and your whole take on Hallowe'en. Your header is the nicest I've seen anywhere! I wish I could just walk into it!

Jayne said...

We don't really decorate for Halloween either Diane. I love how talented you are at grouping things together effortlessly that look like a display window!

Tammy said...

You always manage to put your own personal twist on everything to make it so lovely. Your thoughts on October and jars filled with whispers, blessings, kisses and tears is magical indeed. Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

polkadotpeticoat said...

I think this is the first year I don't have any thing out yet.....I love the way you look at Halloween!
I wish we got trick or treaters out in the country....I know we will be stopping off at someone you knows house!

Laurie said...

Amen Diane! I love October also, it's my favorite month for all the same reasons. It's been so beautiful and you're right, it's the calm that this month brings before the rush. Beautiful post.

Name: Amanda said...

Your photos are AMAZING! I love your borders and accents. Gorgeous!!! xobean

Name: Amanda said...

Your photos are AMAZING! I love your borders and accents. Gorgeous!!! xobean