Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting BOO-tiful

The old turquoise chair has had a
makeover into black for Halloween. 
And so has the old
blue bench that is now also black.
I had to call in my master electrician
for what seemed an easy job - 
electrifying the lights and putting them on
a remote switch.
I'm always afraid I'll get something
tangled up and blow the
house up or something.
(Hey, I'm an artist not a technician!)
Either way we had the best
supervisor - Rascal can
always see that the project is done right.



Laurie said...

Thank God Rascal was there to supervise! I love your decorations, Diane!

Tammy said...

Your porch is so lovely. And that Rascal is such a little cutie. Best wishes, Tammy

Name: Amanda said...

Your lights are beautiful. It looks so festive. xobean

Jayne said...

Looks great Diane!