Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How Do You Handle the Heat?

 About 2 good hours in the morning to decide what's most important to do today.  Do I want to spend it running errands or getting a little gardening done?  Then the heat takes over and it's inside for the rest of the day.  A couple small jaunts with Rascal and even he's ready to get back inside.  
The creatures are looking for shade and water.  I'm wondering what will happen to them this winter, all the grasses are dried up. 

Some of the people I know who live in colder climates would love to have some warmer days.  It's just too bad we can't share.                                         Diane


Jayne said...

I simply don't go out much as it's so annoying to be walking in the garden for 10 minutes and then feel the sweat running down your back. Ugh. I am so looking forward to cooler temps. We've had 90+ degree days since probably May it seems. Needing blessed relief. :c)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I love that patch of yellow flowers,they brighten the day. Heat and I do not get along well together,so most of my time is spent indoors on those hot days.

Laurie said...

This summer is taking its toll, Diane, I'm tired of feeling like I have no energy, if I walk outside I feel like every ounce of life is draining out of me. So I stay in way too much! Thank God the day of the lip dub filming the weather combined with being next to the water made the 3+ hours in the sun bearable. Can't wait til fall!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Diane! Those pretty yellow flowers are a pop of sunshine in the garden. So funny to me to see a turkey running about. The chickens I saw yesterday are not feral -- they likely live at the house that was behind that hedge of trees -- but they are allowed to roam free during the day and then go home to roost at night. :) Hope you are having a lovely day. Tammy