Saturday, August 11, 2012


Thank you all so much for the sweet wishes for our anniversary.  I'm truly grateful to have your loving support. 

Last night when I walked outside after dark I heard rustling in the flowers, then the rustling became more and  I realized I was listening to raindrops.  It rained into the night and  today it was cool.  What a blessed respite after such intense heat. I relished the day and the cool, just couldn't thank God enough.               Diane


Laurie said...

You're welcome Diane!
We also had rain here for three days in a row, and the air is so fresh and clean now, and the grass has greened back up. The picture is so vibrant and beautiful!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I really like this picture. I woke to the sound of rain on the roof. Hallelujah! Now if only it would continue all day.