Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sugar Bowl

It's so hard to pick a favorite wildflower.  I just gave up, I love them all and I kinow you do too. This is a little one I taught myself this year.  I've always thought of them as the Pasque Flower or, more commonly, the Crocus.  They seem to be similar - they're both blue, they're both hairy.  But the Crocus grows more like a lopsided tulip and has other characteristics that aren't like these at all. 

Although I think of beautiful things and try to find the beauty to share on here I'm so distracted by the fires in our west.  As I write this the AirForce Academy in Colorado Springs is threatened.  It almost unbelievable.  We need a downpour so bad.  I continue to pray for all those people who're affected by this, both losing their homes, the firefighters and all the others involved.                Diane


June said...

It's really frightening to know how dry things are isn't it? I am so sad about all the damage that has been done and still continues.

I am trying to teach myself to learn the names of many wildflowers in our area (the ones I don't already) so many that I don't know, just like the birds/
hugs from here...

Jane The Booklady said...

Hello Diane, What a lovely delicate little flower.Jane xx

polkadotpeticoat said...

I need to start watching the news, I will be praying for rain!
We have had perfect weather rain a day or so, then 3-4 days of sun its been lovely!

This new puppy of ours is such a stinker, he fits right in our little family!

Pondside said...

I've been following the situation in Colorado - too, too awful. We'll pray for rain for them and for Utah, too.

Name: Amanda said...

You always remind me of Zuzu from It's A Wonderful Life with her rose.

Those fires are completely crazy! With our rain and 50's it's hard to imagine such heat and FIRE! Goodness. Love you! Bean