Sunday, April 29, 2012

Music, Music, Music


First let me say thank you for your kind words and loving thoughts.  You know how life is, it's not all honey and roses, sometimes it's bumpy.  Right now it's bumpy but just like everybody else, we get through it somehow don't we? 

Last night I was taking a musical trip through cyberspace on utube.  It started with Bobby Bare and "The Jogger"(remember that?) and went from there.  It got me to thinking that music is a lot like books.  Did you ever insist that someone read something because you enjoyed it so much and it touched your heart and the other person hated it?  Well, I think music is that way, too. It seems that each of us is made out of music, a different time, a certain place, a different feeling in your life when you heard that song.  And if you like music you're made out of hundreds and hundreds of songs.  When you hear something, whether it's Dvorak or Hee Haw, that's part of you.  So when someone else loves something you may not get much out of it but it speaks to their soul.   Just a thought.  Hope you're having a good weekend.        Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The weekend is almost over.I have worked hard and now feel the after effects of that. Hope the up-coming week will be great for you.

Ramblin Rose said...

Truer words were never written. Love the picture of Grandpa, too.
He was certainly a BIG part of the music in our lives. L ~ P

Name: Amanda said...

This is a fun post! What a lovely person. So glad you had him.

Music can change my mood, take me to another place, and can hold so many memories. I love music. I must have got that from you. xobean