Monday, March 19, 2012

Button, Button

Don't you wonder where they've been?
I love to dig through them and look at the old bone
ones, the shell ones, the old plastics, just the colors are
Have they been on a woman's house dress, a man's overalls,
maybe a toddlers shirt or pajamas.  I don't think any of
these are formal wear buttons, they're too
plain and ordinary.  The
stories they could tell. 


HiLLjO said...

I am salivating!

I collect buttons and you have some mighty fine specimens here!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I love old buttons. As a teenager I used to have a collection of buttons. Unfortunately I have no idea what happened to them.

Anonymous said...

I have kept buttons from when I was making clothes and toys for my kids. I love sifting through them!
Hope you have a lovely Tues., Diane!

T's Daily Treasures said...

That is a lovely collection. And I see you have changed up your blog, too. Hope all is well and that you are having a great day. Tammy

polkadotpeticoat said...

I love buttons too and I loved your previous post what a lovely picture.....