Thursday, February 2, 2012

White Eye

We still had our antique store when this little event occurred. 
I had an illness that caused me to have really dry eyes so I had some
moisture in a little white bottle which I squeezed
 into my eyes.  One day they were bothering me and I grabbed the
little bottle from my desk, squeezed a drop in and..........
I couldn't see out of that eye!!

It wasn't my moisturizer but Wite Out!!!!
Wouldn't you know it, about 5
customers came in almost instantly
as I was trying to figure out what to do.  They all had
suggestions and wanted to help as I stood there with a white eye
and the more I
tried to wipe it off, the more it smeared. 
I got through it, now I can laugh about it but I sure didn't feel very
elegant that day!         Diane


Pondside said...

How awful!I'll be it hurt!

polkadotpeticoat said...

that is horrible but a little funny too!!!
I love your kitchen re-do what amazing display space!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how scary.... Glad you didn't have to go to the hospital, or that it didn't do permanent damage to your eye....


June said...

I bet that stung a little Diane! Ouch! I'm just glad your eyesight is okay. Did you get pink I after getting white eye--heehee!
hugs from here...

T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh no! I have a fear of doing that with my contact solution and L'Oreal toner that sit side by side in the bathroom. Glad that it didn't cause any real problems for you.

Reminds me of when Zack was a baby. He always had a runny nose and the doctors were always prescribing antibiotics and nose drops for him. Yusef who was 3 at the time, wanted to help, so one day when I was washing dishes, he squeezed something up Zack's nose. Unfortunately, it wasn't nose drops, but super glue. Yikes! I was so scared but after a warm compress for Zack and call to the pediatrician, everything turned out fine. Turns out your nose, and I'm sure your eyes, have a natural cleansing system for alien substances.

Have a great day, Diane! Hugs, Tammy

Anonymous said...

Eeeep! I am so glad that you were OK, Diane!!!
I remember hurrying to get ready for a date in my 20s... grabbed what I thought was the hairspray and then discovered that I'd used underarm deodorant spray instead. Not a great hair day. ;)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!