Sunday, January 22, 2012


When I got my camera I read the book through - really I did!  Then today the light was so beautiful I took two pictures, this one and another.  Then, on a hunch, I read through my book again and sure enough  -- don't aim your camera at a light source, you might hurt the inside workings of it!

Dang!   Well, I decided to share the picture and the advice and I'll just hope that two pictures didn't ruin my great new camera.     

Happy 20th birthday to my sweet granddaughter, Hannah!! 



Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That is a gorgeous shot.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous picture... I point at the sun and bright objects ALOT with my camera and have never had a problem. Glad to know that though --and I'll be more careful ---maybe!!!! ha

Your photo is fabulous!!!

The French Bear said...

well the photo is awesome! hope the camera is still okay!!!

Pondside said...

I didn't know that - but I don't have a really good camera, so it probably can't be harmed. Happy Birthday to your beautiful granddaughter.

Jane The Booklady said...

hello Diane, I love the photo- it was worth it! happy birthday to your Grandaughter- she's so very pretty! Jane x

Laurie said...

Hope your camera is fine Diane, thanks for sharing the tip! The picture though is gorgeous. And Happy Birthday to Hannah!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Diane. Yikes! How did I get a week behind in reading your blog? I tell you. Just not enough hours in the day at times. Hope all is well. I see you are enjoying playing with your camera. Don't point it at a light source. Hmmm, never heard that warning on a camera before. I know how you feel about the city cutting down trees and such. They are always doing that here, usually no rhyme or reason and it really irks me. At least you have lots of nature surrounding you. We have very little and when they start cutting at it, I just want to whack someone upside the head. Ha! Did you take that picture of the buffalo? Just beautiful. have video on my camera but never use it. In fact, wish I would have researched before I got my new camera last year as the one I bought doesn't have good zoom at all. Hope you have a great week. Best wishes always, Tammy