Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Control Room

My little art studio is a spare bedroom 9 x 12 square feet.  One corner is where I pay bills (we won't look at it - not very interesting)  Otherwise it contains my computer, sewing machine, printer, fabric, hodgepodges of collections of things to work with as well as my collection of boxes (???) and all kinds of favorite things. 

This time of year it becomes Christmas central.  Basically everything Christmas goes on here except possibly cooking.  I have fabric mixed up with my journals and packages stacked on my printer and sewing machine.  It gets worse, too.  But what a fun time of the year and it's so great to be creating things for those I love. 

Where do your Christmas preparations take place?               Diane


Anonymous said...

Diane, I have a Christmas central similar to yours! I couldn"t help but notice on one of the drawers it is marked "words"...very interesting! would you care to elaborate on that?? Debbie (Maine)

Kit said...

I like your space.Very organized. I do everything in my craft room. Everything happens here and it is away from the living room and distractions....LOL Tho I have my computer and TV in here. I love to do Christmassy things and watch football. Kit

Jane The Booklady said...

Hello Diane, I like the thought of having ' A room of one's own'. You look very organised. I tend to spread a little. Presents are hidden under the bed and in the big drawer of my old wardrobe and the kitchen table gets called into service but I'm never quite sure where anything is....! Jane x

Anonymous said...

It all takes place on the kitchen farmtable. Including the cooking. So there is a lot of clean-up between projects! :)
Hope you have a lovely Sunday, Diane!
~ Zuzu

Name: Amanda said...

This looks like a cozy spot! Makes me want to create just looking at it. xobean