Friday, November 11, 2011


7-7-77  - "We have to do something to celebrate this day". 
My friend, Mary Beth, worked with me and she couldn't ever pass up a chance to celebrate something - new tires on her car, the weekend, her new earrings, whatever. "Why don't we take our girls and go on a picnic tonight." she said.  So after work my three and I and her and her one grabbed some food and headed out of town for a picnic.
Fast forward to today 11-11-11. 
Me - "We have to do something to celebrate this day."
Leonard - "Why?"
Me - "Well, we just do!"
So we headed for the Commons and took pictures of each other with Rascal. 

Leonard - "Are you happy now?"
Me - "Yes"                               
Rascal - "No, I thought I was going to go for a walk."

What did you do?                          Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Great pictures,Diane. What did I do? I babysat my granddaughter and two others.

Name: Amanda said...

That's fun! I love celebrating life's little surprises.
The photo of you and Rascal has been downloaded. I love it!!!
Glad you took the time . . . what else have we got anyway? xobean

mudderbear said...

I had plenty to do to stay busy today. I am thankful that we have God and soldiers to keep us free.

These are really cute pictures. What a lovely smile you have. Rascal does look a bit miffed, bless his heart.

Pondside said...

Poor Rascal! His expectations were shattered!
I love the photos of you and your husband, though. You'll have to thank Rascal for being such a good 'prop'.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha-ha! You are so funny, Diane! I got a good chuckle from this. Happy weekend to you. Tammy

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures of the 3 of you, Diane.... Love that last one especially...

What did I do on 11/11/11???? I sat in my throne and watched my birds... (Still trying to get WELL.)


Kit said...

LOL!! You all look so great! Even a disgruntled Rascal. Kit

Laurie said...

What awesome pictures Diane, you look so pretty, happy! Lucky Rascal, he has a Mom and Dad who really love him.

Jill said...

Love these photos of you, Leonard and Rascal.It looks like it was a beautiful day for a walk xx