Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gratitude - Bees

This picture was taken today, the bees were in the alyssum, I don't blame them, 
it smells wonderful. 

These tiny little creatures, yes, the ones who's sting can hurt so bad, are some of our best friends.  With the devastating loss of so many of them comes a reminder of just how important they are to us.  Without them we would have no food, the crops would not be pollinated and basically it's the growing things that keep us all alive, including other creatures.  So, we would starve to death.

Occasionally I can smell some poison that some neighbor has sprayed to kill the "insects" and they never think nor care about the consequences.  The bees are welcome in my yard, dandelions and flowers grow and the bees are welcomed.  I'm thankful for the bees.        Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yes,we need those bees and other insects.

mudderbear said...

I like bees. They are sweet little things. I will admit to talking a few of them into leaving my house so no one panics and gets stung.
It's too bad there are those who spray so carelessly and with no thought.

Pondside said...

Last year we really noticed the lack of bees and the resultant poor harvest from our fruit trees. This year the bees seem to be more numerous, and we had a better harvest. These little creatures are among our best friends!

Jane The Booklady said...

Hello Diane, I've always loved bees and once, when she was little, Emily entranced her teacher at school by saying " My Mum strokes Bees and loves them!" (it was a bumble bee actually) Jane x

Jill said...

Yes Diane, there is a shortage of bees now and let's hope that they will soon multiply once again. They are very much a source of what is in our food and also the honey has a lot of nutrition in it.
And then there is all the times I sit and wait for that perfect photo of the bee on a flower and in a close-up the colours are beautiful.

Name: Amanda said...

True True and True.
Something to be grateful for! love, bean