Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pictures From My Phone

 We were at a flea market and I asked a man if I could take a picture of the marbles he had for sale.  I thought they were so pretty.  He seemed a little surprised but said yes. These were with my phone.
This is a picture of my great grand Tatum that my daughter Cathy texted me. He's wearing a shirt I gave him. He's a little over 2 1/2.
And this, of course, is Rascal.  He was taking a nap with me an he was pretty relaxed, I took this with my phone. 
I saw a magazine for Christmas cookies as I was going through the grocery line - already!?!?   Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

THose marbles make a great picture.So vivid.Christmas cookies,already? I am not quite ready for that.

Kay said...

I like the marbles too.


T's Daily Treasures said...

The guy at the flea market probably thought you had lost your marbles. HA! :) Tatum sure is a cutie! And that Rascal sure was relaxed. I caught Jingles sleeping in the cupboard on top of Zack's clothes. :/ Halloween and Thanksgiving haven't even come around yet. Way too early to think about Christmas (unless you're crafting). Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

Laurie said...

The marbles picture is awesome Diane, and your great grandson is adorable! It's funny, that's exactly how Chip sleeps! Aren't they just the cutest!?

mudderbear said...

Rascal is a pretty little fluff ball. I would love to pick him up and play.

mudderbear said...

OOpPS..the pics are all on the same post.

My little grandaughter Rayne is about 2 1/2 years. Your Tatum looks a little older than that. He really is cute. Aren't they wonderful! Rayne is so bossy, but she is also so sweet and well-mannered. I guess that's two-year olds.

I love the marbles. What makes them so entrancing? Is that what magic looks like, maybe? Perhaps it's just all those shiny colors.

Name: Amanda said...

Fun pics mom! Your phone takes great pictures! xobean