Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lavender Blue?

Driving down the street I did a double-take.  A yard was full of blue flax and sitting near the flax were these two chairs of exactly the same color blue.  As I was taking the picture I glanced across the street and was delighted with another beautiful house with these gorgeous hanging baskets, one on each side of the porch. 
Beauty is just everywhere.               Diane


Pondside said...

You're right - but you have to have your eyes open to see it. I'm glad you had your camera!

mudderbear said...

Hi Diane....what lovely pictures. Isn't it interesting that there seems to be a lot of purple or blue flowers this spring(?). Each year seems to feature one color or flower much more than another. I like purples. These are gorgeous.
Glad to hear you are enjoying your day.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Your eyes are quick to spot this beauty.Yes,it is all around us.Hope you are having a beautiful day.

polkadotpeticoat said...

What a lovely home...and I love the color of those chairs!