Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Some beautiful layered trees at the end of our block......

We're stuck!
This is I 90 between Billings, Montana
and Sheridan.  Needless to say this super highway is
Lodge Grass, Montana, the Crow Reservation and the site of the Custer Battlefield
are all right here.  The Little Bighorn River went over it's banks and flooded many
homes and businesses here as well as shut down the interstate
and washed out a section of railroad. 
This is the condition of many roads in the area right now but
I never knew the interstate to flood in the 50 years I've lived here!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

All the flooding that is happening all over is so sad.I do hope this does not create too big an inconvenience for you.I love the layered trees.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Gosh... That picture says it all, Diane... Unbelievable... This has been the craziest year I can remember SO FAR....

Glad your area didn't flood though..

Great picture of the trees.

Laurie said...

Oh Diane, this is devastating. So many natural disasters right now, and this one is literally close to home. I pray the waters recede soon, and the highway be able to open back up. Terrible.

polkadotpeticoat said...

wow you really have gotten a lot of rain...thats terrible!
I hope you get a break soon and all is well!

Pondside said...

That picture says it all! It is so hard to comprehend the amount of flood, fire, tornado etc on our continent right now.

mudderbear said...

Wow...it's unbelieveable. I am beginning to hold my breath..the tornadoes and flooding. It gets scary. Are you alright? Do you have what you need?

Your new header picture is just fabulous....I really like it. Take care...You are in my prayers.

The French Bear said...

Diane, it is so sad to see so many disasters and not know if everyone is alright....so much has been lost. This looks so scary, I am glad that you are okay, wow, how long will it take to clear this up....will you be stuck for long? Let's pray that the sun will come out and dry up all that water!
It has been such a devasting time so far, my heart goes out to the families in Joplin, what a tradegy!
The videos and pictures probably show only a glimpse into the terror they must have felt.
I pray for healing and calm weather and wish there was more I could do.
Stay safe and warm......big hugs!

Angela said...

Wow, that's a lot of water!
When we look at all these worldwide diasters, coupled with the armed conflicts in so many countries...we can't help but believe it is the beginning of the end times, as the Bible says.
"Even so, come Lord Jesus"

Kit said...

OMG!! I used to drive that road from Sheridan to Missoula all the time when we lived in Wyoming. I hope you get relief soon. Kit