Monday, May 2, 2011

Peacable Souls

We have quite a few robins in our neighborhood and they're quite tolerant of us humans and dogs.  We're allowed to walk quite close to them now but when they return in early spring they're very skittish.  Soon, however, they're mingling among us and only scolding us if we disturb them in the evening when they're roosting.  I love that the birds come back to this very place where they were born year after year.  I'm just a caretaker of their home I guess.              Diane


Tammy said...

I watched an Oprah last where a hollywood producer has given up all the trappings of the rich and famous in order to live a simple life. He said that we should all learn from nature and only take what we need while letting the rest flow through us. Isn't that wonderful! I saw where someone else said we are all on loan here on this earth. It is certainly our duty to take care of Mother Earth while we are here and you are doing a great job Diane! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy (P.S. I laughed when you said your family is mostly in a stew. :)

mudderbear said...

It's so awesome that you know so much about your robins. I've never thought they might warm up to people. I wish there were more here. I hear the birds in the morning but I never see any, and not close up, except for the quail that strolled by once. Oh well. The city is just too noisy, I suppose.
Thanks for sharing...I get to see a lot this way.
love, Rosalie

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Very lovely picture.I had never thought of it in this way,that I am just a care taker of the birds home.I like that.My Robins are enjoying the raisins I put out and let me know when they are out of them.

Jill said...

Great shot Diane. We have two little birds that keep coming back and try drinking from our hummingbird feeder. They are so amusing to watch as they flit about and chirp away.

Hugs, Jill.