Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Eyes and Joys of Spring

"The eyes of spring, so azure,
are peeping from the ground;
they are the darling violets,
that I in nosegays bound."
Heinrich Heine

Yesterday I made a video which I hoped I could share with you.  I'm sorry, it didn't turn out
well.  Two rabbits were playing (I guess!).  They would run, stop, jump straight up in the air,
then stop and look at each other, then jump straight up in the air again.
It was magical.  Such fun and joy. 

The picture below was in our local paper.  It's a meadowlark singing to a field with
prairie dogs in it.  He's saying "I see three pretty girls!!"


Miss Gracie's House said...

I so love violets...

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Love the little violets.Maybe the video didn't turn out as you wanted,but you will forever have the memory of this encounter and that's special.