Thursday, April 14, 2011


The birds are singing and building nests, the air is fragrant with the scent of the earth,
buds are beginning to show green - spring is here.  It's so easy to
celebrate and rejoice with the new earth, sometimes it's easy to
forget the bad things.  But the people in Japan are still struggling so hard,
and the nuclear problem is even worse.  I wish they could be rejoicing in the new season, too.
I pray for them.  Diane


Angela said...

Diane, I am so happy to say, you won my little giveaway. If you'll email me your address, I'll send you the package.

June said...

You are so right Diane. SOmetimes it's hard to rejoice when we know so many are struggling. I pray for them everyday too and many of the others suffering because of the economy. It's a difficult time.
sending hugs to you from here...

Heidi said...

They have been through so much already....I can't stop thinking about those vases....thay would be beautiful in a print to canvas picture!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Rejoicing that spring is finally here is great,but it is too easy to forget those who have little to rejoice over.

Name: Amanda said...

All of the cherry blossoms are out in Japan, maybe they are enjoying them. I hope so. Poor folks.
Love you, Bean

p.s. I love your new profile pic. Very sassy!

mudderbear said...

I love these pretty birds and your poem. I hope good things will happen for the people in Japan, somehow. And now tonight I'm worrying about our own Southern states that are being blown to bits by tornadoes. I pray for them too. Take good care of yourself.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You are right, Diane. We don't need to forget the people in Japan. SO sad....

Great picture of the birds. They are truly busy this time of year.