Saturday, April 16, 2011

Helpful Friend

My first day on my prayer bones in the garden and did it feel good.  I looked up in time to see this delightful fat bee stumbling around in the snow crocus.  Joyful!!!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This is so pretty.The bee is a great capture.

Ramblin Rose said...

Very pretty picture. That bee is quite adventurous to be out and about already. Love, Patsy

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes---Spring is an incredible time of year, Diane. I love seeing the bees on the flowers also. We saw many bees on the Azaleas when we were at Biltmore.

Great picture.

Anonymous said...

Diane, thank you for visiting my blog today and for your kind comments about my tags. I'm glad you found me at Zuzu's! Your tags are lovely too and so are your photos here!
I hope to see you again.
Sunday blessings,

Heidi said...

This picture is so perfect....It is a joyful picture!

Name: Amanda said...

Is that the bee in the middle of the flowers? If it is, he is HUGE!!! How fun, I wish our flowers were coming up. Thank you for sharing though.