Saturday, April 9, 2011

Burgess Overlook

This picture was taken around 1990, it's Leonard and our little dog, Muffin. 
He's sitting in front of a rock cairn overlooking a mountain valley.  This was before he
got sick, these were happy days.

The only reason we have two pictures in front of the same cairn is because there was no way I was going one step closer to the edge of that mountain!  I tried to find out the elevation here to post but it's kind of an out of the way spot and not on the main highway.  I'm thinking about 7,500 ft. This was a good day.  We had a little trailer that we parked in the trees on a little park and the night before we watched a herd of elk playing in the evening light until we couldn't see them any longer.                 Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Memories like these are very precious.I do hope you are still able to make a few more memories.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Aren't memories just wonderful, Diane? AND--photos... Glad you all were there. What a fabulous place. Wow--about 7500 feet... Amazing!!!!

Someone spent alot of time building that cairn... Awesome!!!

Laurie said...

I'm not sure what a cairn is Diane, but I wouldn't want to be building one next to a cliff at 7,500 ft.! I wouldn't go near that edge either, so I don't blame you. Wonderful pictures and memories Diane.

Name: Amanda said...

I know you're missing the mountains and the memories that you made there. Those were beautiful days weren't they? xo bean

It was fun to see Muffin - and you and Leonard so young!!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Lovely photos and memories. I've never heard of a cairn so will have to look it up. I know I wouldn't even want to look over the edge. Yikes! Hope you are having a good one. I am off to bed (way past my bedtime). :) Tammy

Pondside said...

I'm with on the height issue!...but that is a beautiful cairn and I'd have wanted a photo too!
Memories - they are like the very best movies, running in one's head.