Monday, February 28, 2011

Journal Page

These two journal pages face each other  and let me say right off that the one with the
little birds are actually part of a calendar page that I loved.  I just
cut it to fit my journal.  The other one I did except I found the image on
(art-e-ology) and I want to thank her for it.  I love this little butterfly girl and I think she really likes sitting in the
tree with the birds.                        Diane


Laurie said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful Diane!! I love the images and what you've done with them. I so need to start journaling, I have the journals and with the little my son and his family really know about me, I think it would be a legacy maybe they could appreciate. You are such and inspiration, keep sharing ok?

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Both of these are so lovely.
You do wonderful work.Thanks for sharing it here.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Both are gorgeous, Diane... I love the birds ---but that little girl is beautiful...

Thanks for sharing your journal pages with us.

Angela said...

I love those pages! Your header is great too. Is that your little pink's wonderful.

Pondside said...

Those images make me *sigh* with delight.

mudderbear said...

You're so creative. The journal pages are so nice. I want pretty pages. I popped in to see your Etsy shoppe and was quite delighted with what I found. Now my creative juices are flowing again, so Thank You for helping that to happen. I'll show things off later after the mail arrives. (^.^)

mudderbear said...

That little girl really is beautiful. She gets moreso every time I look at the picture.

June said...

Oh I love these pages Diane! Even though I am absent foe awhile I can't let a post of yours go unread. I absolutely loved your deer track picture.