Friday, January 21, 2011



I wish I liked rice pudding,
I wish I were a twin,
I wish someday a real live fairy
Would just come walking in.

I wish when I'm at table
My feet would touch the floor,
I wish our pipes would burst next winter,
Just like they did next door.

I wish that I could whistle
Real proper grown-up tunes
I wish they'd let me sweep the chimneys
On rainy afternoons.

I've got such heaps of wishes,
I've only said a few; 
I wish that I could wake some morning
And find they'd all come true! 
                                                                                      by Rose Fyleman

I finished these little wish and blessing bottles today, they're full of special wishes and blessings.  But not that your pipes would freeze!                    Diane


Laurie said...

Are those ever precious Diane! An what a cute poem! I too would not want the pipes to burst though.As for rice pudding? Awesome!! Especially Grandma's recipe.

Heidi said...

Those are so fun...we all need a little pixie fairy dust and wishes!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Cute poem. I had about 30 boxes and furniture store in my in-laws basement in Canada and one year the pipes did freeze. The basement flodded and many things were ruined and lost in the mess. Oh well! Best wishes to you for a wonderful day. Tammy

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You just have the most creative ideas.Thanks for sharing them.

The French Bear said...

Beautiful, love the look of a collection of bottles!!!
What a darling poem, it would be lovely on a pillow!!!
I am hoping to get to do some creating today!!!

Jayne said...

How sweet Diane! Truly, you really need to start an Etsy shop and sell your beautiful creations!!

Miss Gracie's House said...

These are so cute! and I really liked your post below with the frozen clothesline...we do forget, don't we? I never had to hang up laundry outside in the snow...I just did it inside by the woodstove...oh, the good old days! I do miss them:)

Kit said...

Lovely! I wish that I could fit in everything I want to do in such a short lifetime. Happy Weekend! Kit