Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Thoughts

It was fun reading about the coffee/tea question.  Thanks for commenting. 
Whatever your choice I hope you had time for a cup today.  It sounds like it was the perfect winter day almost everywhere to enjoy a cup.  I'm enjoying this book with my coffee today.  Blogging For Bliss by Tara Frey.  In case you haven't read it one of the things I learned is that blogging goes back as far as 1994!!! Really!!  The first blogger was Justin Hall who was a freelance journalist.  It didn't really take hold until Blogger came up with the easier format so we could fairly easily do our own blog.  Boy, it must have been hard 17 years ago.  I imagine that he could have used some friends like we have. Sometimes it just blows my mind to think how rapidly things change and how fast the computer has made it's way into our everyday lives.    Blessings, Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am glad things have changed and now I have friends around the world.Many of my best friends live in my computer,or at least that is where I connect with them.

Pondside said...

That's amazing - not a long time for something to become as integral as blogging has become to everyday life!
As I write, I have a nice hot cup of tea at hand - mmmmm

Jayne said...

How sweet Ruth... "many of my best friends live in my computer".... so true, so true! It has made a rather big world rather small now, and it's such a gift to connect with so many people, isn't it?

I'll have to check out that book Diane! Have a blessed day my friend!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Diane, I missed your tea/coffee post. My days have been so busy of late. I NEED to have my two cups of coffee in the morning with skim milk and a little brown sugar. We use Maxwell House here. If I drink soemthing hot midmorning or in the afternoon, then it is some sort of green tea.

Who knew the first blog was all the way back in 94. I didn't know anything about them until my cousin started one a few years ago and I only ever visited her's. I knew nothing about being open to the whole world. How happy I am that I've met you along the way.

Warm hugs and best wishes, Tammy

Laurie said...

I agree Diane, I remember when I wanted nothing to do with a computer, now I can't imagine life without it!

Name: Amanda said...

94? Wow! I wasn't hooked into the world wide web until 96! And even that was a stretch. What a different world we live in now huh? In some ways we are so much closer. xobean