Sunday, January 2, 2011

Packing Away

I was late getting things up this Christmas and late taking them down.  They're still scattered all over the house.  The lights were so beautiful though, I hated to take them down today.  Somehow the lights just seemed to give such hope and joy.   I sort them - this year into whites, pinks and nostalgic.  When I open them next Christmas I'll say to myself  "what was I thinking when I packed them like this?"  Happens every year.                                       Diane


The French Bear said...

Ha ha, me too, I just hate packing it all away.....I might leave them until Ukrainian weekend.
It sure came and went so fast this year didn't it?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Diane, I love Christmas so much that I put up my decorations right after Thanksgiving --and never take them down until AFTER January 1st.... (That is what I'll be doing off and on this coming week.... Sigh!!!!)


Heidi said...

I pack my Christmas different every year to and this year I shoved it all in the store what a mess but next year I will be surprised all over again!

Ruth said...

Putting the decorations away is not nearly as much fun as getting them out.Sounds like you have a good system going.

Pondside said...

Ours will be up until after the littlies leave on the 7th. Most years I'd leave everything up to the 6th anyway, so it's not too much of a change.

Jayne said...

Mine went down on New Years Eve and like you, I always feel sort of a let down. Every corner seems a bit empty somehow, and yet, if we had them all year long, we wound not appreciate them nearly as much!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Diane, I don't know how I missed your last three posts when I go to my favorites every day. You are top of my list of favorite blogging buddies. So glad to have met you this year. I love your sweet and simple heartfelt posts each and every day. My tree is still up but I did start collecting the other things that were around the house. I guess hubby will get the boxes down this weekend so I can put it all away. Hope you are having a great day. :) Tammy