Sunday, December 19, 2010

Please Join Me

Won't you join me for a cup of steaming coffee or tea and some of my fruitcake.  We're just getting ready to have some.  In case you would like to make some of this one here's the recipe.........easy!

One package yellow cake mix preferably with pudding
One small can crushed pineapple (I think next time I'll use a larger can)
Eggs, butter and water according to cake mix directions
Container of candied cherries - I think it's 1 lb.
One lb. pkg walnuts
2 large bread pans or 4 smaller

Prepare cake mix according to directions except count the juice in the pineapple as part of the liquid. Add fruit, pour in creased loaf pans.  Bake according to directions................that's it!  This is a great recipe if you just want to get some fruitcakes going and don't want to start from scratch - like picking the fruit from the tree, hehee!


Ruth said...

Looks delicious.The recipe sounds so easy,I will have to copy it and use it sometime.
Enjoy a slice for me,Ruth

Jane said...

And I thought I was the only one who like fruitcake!


The French Bear said...

Yum, I love fruitcake, didn't make any this year....sure wish I had the time, oh well, next year!!! Bet it goes great with the cherry roasted coffee!!!

Pondside said...

Diane I love fruit cake and have an old-fashioned one, wrapped in cheese cloth and doused with spirits and just waiting for me to cut into it. I have had the cake about which you've written, though, and I love it too. I've always wanted the recipe but have never found it - til now! Thanks so much!

mudderbear said...

Hi Diane....this looks scrumptious and sounds so simple. That's good for me. I have a difficult time picking fruit from the produce bins. If I ever get myself up a tree....well, won't that be something. Tee hee back at you...Rosalie

Heidi said...

I'll be right over, Y I'll have to try this!

Kit said...

Oh yummy! I just love fruit cake. And your recipe sounds great. Kit

Jayne said...

OK, so that looks like fruitcake that even I'd eat! Yummy!