Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Playing Along

Laurie at Blue Waters passed this along.  Thought it might be fun to join in.  The answer to each one should only be one word.

1.Your holiday decor: late 
2. The weather where you live this time of year: frigid
3. Your favorite smell of the season: pine
4. Your favorite beverage of the season:  eggnog
5. Something you wish you could avoid during the holidays: arguments
6. What you typically bring to the potluck: casserole
7. What you wish people would stop bringing to the potluck: potato chips
8. A word to describe how you feel about the word 'potluck': fun
9. What is on your feet right now: shoes
10. How many layers you are wearing right now:  one
11. Where in the world you would rather be right now: nowhere
12. Something that makes you feel invigorated this time of year:  music
13. Something that makes you feel challenged this time of year:  relationships
14. A cold weather comfort food you crave: chili
15. Something you wish you were doing right now: creating
16. Something you SHOULD be doing right now: wrapping
17. Your opinion of snow: white
18. Your opinion of those big furry-looking hats with earflaps: nostalgia
19. A tradition you'll be sure to keep this season: gifts
20. A tradition you'd like to start this season:  church

If you're curious about how the 12 tags of Christmas are coming along you can check in on my other blog listed here on the sidebar - My Other Blog - An Artist's Life.  I'm having such fun with them, they're completely absorbing. 


Laurie said...

what great answers Diane, I never thought of chili, that sounds so good right now!

Yolanda said...

I loved reading this and getting to know you.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Diane, I enjoyed reading your answers... Sometimes ONE WORD is hard for me..... BUT I'd use any of the same words that you used..

I agree with you on No. 3,4,12,13,14,16; BUT--No. 17. Your opinion of snow: LOVE (ha ha )


The French Bear said...

Diane, what good answers, so close to what I would say!!!! This is a great way to find out little things that are sometimes big things about our friends!!!

Jayne said...

Great answers Diane!